Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico and Toscano IGT

In the first years of the new Millennium the cellar was finally completed and the work for the first installation started immediately being set up according to the organic production method.

In 2006 the first wine label was created and named “aRia”: a dedication for the person who left us in the same year, and who through this name will always remain present.

“aRia” is a Chianti Classico purely made of Sangiovese grapes, which was shortly after followed by the Reserve “Foho”, the way fire is pronounced in the Tuscan dialect, which with a hint of Merlot is intensified after 18 months in the barriques.

“Gaiolé” is an as fresh as a daisy IGT with the perfect mixture of Merlot and Sangiovese.

2015 saw the birth of our most prestigious IGT, made with 100% of Merlot and named “FATA”, the acronym of Fuoco (fire), Aria (air), Terra (earth), and Acqua (water); the 4 elements of the cosmos.

Our product range is completed by the rosé wine “Ros’Aria”, and the white wine “Chardò”.

Я продегустировал Кьянти Классико Ария и отметил для себя, что вино хорошо сбалансированно и имеет фантастически долгое послевкусие А Фохо имеет великолепное тело, в аромате яркие специи и табак, элегантное и мягкое в послевкусии.

Ekaterina Kozlovskaya

今天我品尝基安蒂 Aria 2014,期待已久 心情非常愉快,口感柔顺 单宁柔和,回味无穷。。。 就像他它的名字一样,非常棒,值得拥有。

桃子 。Gioia Shu, 微信TX_TX7788


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