Chianti Classico



Crystal clear and transparent.  An intense flavour with a floral and fruity bouquet. In the mouth one perceives the pungent alcohol which tends to disappear.

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Grappa di Chianti Classico


Origins: fermented skins from the grapes of our vineyards here at Casa al Vento, Province of Siena

Altitude: 456m. above sea level

Distillation method: Distilled using traditional discontinued methods. Skins heated to release the vapour then distilled to extract the flavours of the skins.

Maturation: in steel containers

Alcohol content: 52% vol.


From the crystal clear colour, there are strong floral and fruity scents. Immediately one can taste the strong alcoholic flavour which rapidly disappears.

Serving temperature: between 10˚C and 14˚C.

Ideal with: melted chocolate

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