Chianti Classico

The Vin Santo

The Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice is obtained by using black (usually Sangiovese), and white grapes. The harvest is carried out very carefully: the selected grapes have to be good, thus able to dry for weeks without deteriorating. The drying process takes place on lattices or in well-ventilated rooms known as “fruttai”, or, finally, on the plant itself. The dehydration makes the plant sweeter; grapes are therefore pressed and the must obtained is vinified in small wood barrels known as “caratelli”, where a dense residue from the previous years remains. This integration facilitates the yeast’s formation and, consequently, favours long fermentation, which can last for years, taking place in the “vinsantaia”. The “vinsantaia” is a room with no ceiling, in which there are significantly dramatic temperature changes which positively influence the wine aromas. According to tradition, the “caratelli” are sealed; this allows the wine to age in the small environment with no oxygen.


The Grappa

From the distillation of our fresh and aromatic grapes grown for the production of the Chianti Classico wine.

The characteristic aromas of our wine cellar are made clear at the moment of first racking. In fact, they are enriched during their time in wood, ending in a series of olfactory sensations that take us back to its origin: the generous Tuscan land.

Я продегустировал Кьянти Классико Ария и отметил для себя, что вино хорошо сбалансированно и имеет фантастически долгое послевкусие А Фохо имеет великолепное тело, в аромате яркие специи и табак, элегантное и мягкое в послевкусии.

Ekaterina Kozlovskaya

今天我品尝基安蒂 Aria 2014,期待已久 心情非常愉快,口感柔顺 单宁柔和,回味无穷。。。 就像他它的名字一样,非常棒,值得拥有。

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